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This museum exhibits the beautiful and uniqueness of the Baba and Nyonya heritage, Chinese of noble descendants who have adopted much of the Malay culture into theirs."

'Straits Chinese' or the Baba and Nyonya are Chinese of noble descendants who have adopted much of the Malay culture into theirs. The public can now view the heirloom unique to this heritage at a private museum run by the Babas and Nyonyas of Melaka.

Intermarriage between early Chinese settlers and local Malays resulted in the unique Baba-Nyonya culture. Within the walls of this heritage building, visitors can learn more about the culture. This is a private museum run by the Babas and Nyonyas of Melaka.

Guided tour (by appointment), research facilities, audio visuals.

Opening Hours

Closed except during school and public holidays



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An interesting and unique tour which visitors must not miss while you are in Malacca, is the
Malacca River Boat Tour. Come and cruise up the historical Malacca River from the
Malacca River Boat Jetty located near the Dutch Square and you will be surprised by what you will see and smell along this unique river. In fact, this river boat ride was featured in the Hollywood movie “ Entrapment “ in 1998.

Due to the tidal tide conditions, the river boat will only operate when there is high tide. So visitors interested to take this cruise are recommended to check up first on the operating times. Also, the river cruise will only operate with a minimum 8 persons per voyage. The river boat will cruise up the shallow Malacca River from her river mouth to Kampong Morten where the boat makes her return trip. The distance is about 10 km from the jetty and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. A tour guide will highlight interesting things to you.


Muzium Negara (Malay for National Museum) is a museum located on Jalan Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a palatial structure built in the style of Rumah Gadang, an aspect of Minangkabau architecture. Muzium Negara is situated in close proximity to the Perdana Lake Gardens and the museum provides an overview of Malaysian history and culture. Muzium Negara's facade comprises elements of traditional Malay and modern style. Muzium Negara was opened on 31 August 1963, is a repository of Malaysia’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Muzium Negara is a three storied structure of 109.7 meters long and 15.1 meters wide and 37.6 meters at the central point. The museum houses four main galleries specialising in ethnology and natural history. The displays range from free-standing tableaux showing traditional cultural events like weddings, festivals and beautiful costumes; to the rich variety of weapons, musical instruments, arts and crafts, precious ceramics, and flora & fauna.

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